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30th-Jan-2011 02:45 pm - 12 Lightning icons
Here are some icons I made. 


Link back if you use, and don't upload these to DeviantArt.

illustration tifa
10th-Feb-2010 11:13 am - 40 icons [FF13 & Crisis Core]

-20 FF13 (Fang and Vanille)
-20 Crisis Core (Zack)
[all made for ff20in20 ]


find them HERE

You can find more info @ my lj HERE.

9th-Apr-2009 02:00 pm - Cloti Pic

I come bearing art:

GlompCollapse ) 

Not too elaborate, but I just got a demo version of Painter, and I wanted to try it out.

Was wondering if this could be a plot bunny for a Cloti fic? *hint hint* lol. That's a hint to the non-lazy writers, i'd do it myself but... meh.

This is x-posted to... a number of other journals. =3
5th-Feb-2009 03:37 pm - I needs a new mod.
I'm looking for somebody to help me run this place; I don't wanna see it go dead, but I don't have the time to keep adding to it either. I need someone who is really going to push this place and make it work. It needs to be promoted a little more, I think.

So, does anybody want to help me? I think I'll need two, really eager people.

I've never co-moderated a livejournal community before, so you're have to bear with me once I do find two people. =]
1st-Feb-2009 09:03 am - icon dump @ deviantart
Hi!  I'm not going to be making new icons anytime in the forseeable future, and I took 116 of my Final Fantasy icons, zipped them in a file and uploaded them to DeviantArt, if you are in need of an icon!

24th-Dec-2008 07:22 am - 9 Terra-centric Dissidia icons
*9 Dissidia icons, mainly Terra w/ a little Cloud thrown in  XD


Get them here!
23rd-Dec-2008 05:28 pm - Dissidia basic lj mood theme
Just the "top level" moods right now.  If I missed anything, or if you have any better pic suggestions for certain moods, please let me know!

Find it here!
19th-Dec-2008 07:48 pm - 15 FF: Dissidia icons
15 Final Fantasy: Dissidia icons


Get them here!
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